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About us

Welcome to HEALTH MOVEMENT! The 1st truly Social Health App…Join others, and find your healthy!

Rich (Founder of Health Movement) & His Family

Getting “Health Movement” off the ground has been a 10+ year journey for Rich and his family.

Rich likes to say, “I’m just a normal guy (husband/dad) finding the non-extreme path to health. I try to make the complex...simple. I focus on Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, & Happiness. I am insanely passionate about helping others find a healthy lifestyle that works for them. Please join us!”

Rich received his Bachelor’s in Dietetics and Master’s in Public Health and has 15+ years of experience in nutrition consulting, personal training, health coaching, employee wellness, and Health Care Administration. 



At Health Movement, we believe:

  1. “Healthy” doesn’t have to be extreme

    • Healthy can absolutely include your favorite dessert.

  2. “Healthy” doesn’t have to look the same for everyone, and won’t

    • We’ll help you find what works for you.

    • Your unique preferences, challenges, and goals; this is healthy living YOUR way.

    • Don’t try to be someone you’re not, just be the healthiest YOU.

  3. We’re all on this journey together, just at different stages

    • So we’re supporting each other no matter our current stage.

  4. We’re all a little different, so focus on being the healthiest YOU

    • And we won’t judge each other.

  5. Perfection is not necessary, ups and downs are normal

    • But consistency is king, so we’ll help work on this.

  6. "Healthy" is ultimately finding a healthier lifestyle that works for you

    • Join others, and find your healthy.

  7. Everyone has a reason to be healthy, what’s yours?

    • Find it. Take action. Inspire change.


Health Movement is a movement for everyone in the world, EVERYONE, to very simply manage and improve their health.

Help us start a literal HEALTH MOVEMENT today!


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